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I have become very concerned lately with the restrictions that are being placed on our rights, especially the free speech rights we seem to take for granted. I am not a very political person, and if I had to say what party I identify with, it would probably be the Libertarians on most issues, (basically, if I am not hurting anyone, leave me alone!) but I guess I am an Independent when it come to voting. Frankly, I haven’t found too many politicians from any party I trust. That is sad when you think of it!


So I decided to speak my mind here on some of the issues that concern me and I hope you also. There are many issues that concern only the transgender or gay community and the adult entertainment industry, but there are many that concern everyone as a whole.


Visit my pages about the different issues. I have included my thoughts and some links to specific info, organizations websites, and different viewpoints.


If you have suggestions for sites to include, please let me know! Keep checking back as I add more info!


Please note that these articles are the property of the authors. Please use them accordingly with proper attribution! To use my articles and opinions, a link back to my site is required.

Free Speech

Liberty vs Security

Gay Marriage


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