Gay Marriage

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This my personal view on gay marriage.  My perspective is a little different that the traditional gay or lesbian couple. I want to live as man and wife with a husband, as I consider myself a woman. My marriage wouldn’t be as obvious as a gay marriage because I look and behave like a woman. When I have full sexual reassignment surgery, my state allows me to change my birth certificate and list my sex as female. I should be easy for me to get married, but if a divorce or the death of my spouse takes place and someone disputes that the marriage is valid, I would be left out in the cold.  All of the cases in the U. S. have decided that gender is assigned at birth and therefore a transsexual married to someone the same sex as their birth sex is invalid. That being said, I see no reason why anyone cannot marry who they want. To me all of the arguments are based on morality and stereotypical views towards gays and transgender.


In my opinion, one of the big reasons why gay marriage is not allowed is taxes. The government, who is not supposed to use religion in legislating, hides behind the fact that most people in the U. S. are religious and oppose same sex marriage on moral grounds. Gays, lesbians and transgender people make up conservatively 10% of the U. S. population.  Gays and lesbians generally have higher income and more disposable income than the general population. Since gays can not marry, they are single for tax purposes and therefore pay a greater percentage into the treasury than married people.  Married hetero couples get significant tax breaks. I wonder if anyone has thought of this and studied the impact of gay marriage on government revenue.  It would be interesting.


Also, the benefits afforded to a spouse in the corporate world are greater, medical, insurance and the like.  There are many benefits of marriage that gay people can not enjoy and that is discriminatory.  That should be obvious to even the most casual observer.  Even if you don’t believe in allowing gays the same benefits as heteros, even if you believe that discrimination against gays is good and lawful, you have to admit that it is discriminatory.


I have linked up some good articles and information here on the subject, but let me just hit some high points as to why the ban on gay marriage is ridiculous.


  • Marriage is between a man and a woman – Who says so? Religion? This country is supposed to be free of legislation on religious grounds.


  • Marriage is for having and raising kids – so if you extend this argument, childless hetero couples should be forced to divorce, as the reason for marriage is invalid.


  • Gays are promiscuous – so what?  So are some hetero people – in about the same proportion


  • Same sex environments are unhealthy for raising children – studies have shown this not to be true, and look at some of the environments children are raised in, crack houses, brothels, abusive parents etc.  there are laws against child abuse and they apply to every child, regardless of the parents sexual orientation.  Just look at some of the people that have kids, there is no laws barring murderers, pedophiles, drug dealers, etc from procreating


Well that is enough ranting.  This is just my view, and you are free to have yours. But when your view impacts my rights and my pursuit of happiness, then you are morally wrong. Here are some links for more info:


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