Free Speech and Adult Websites

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Being in the “Adult Entertainment” business, you find that many laws are aimed squarely at you! As a performer, I have to regularly submit papers documenting my age, and believe me, Ifriends is very strict with age compliance! As a webmistress who has an adult section her site, I also have to comply from the other side, ensuring my site is in compliance with the law!


I agree that there needs to be regulation of online content. Child pornography is evil and ruins those children for life that are victimized by it. I also believe that children need to be protected from pornography. They do not understand it and should be able to keep their innocence as long as possible, especially in these days where it seems the kids grow up too fast and have to face the hard facts of life all too soon. As webmasters we need to responsible and do our best to ensure we have no content that exploits children and to take reasonable steps to keep children from coming into our sites. On the other hand, parents need to monitor their children and take steps to keep them from surfing into adult sites. They have responsibility here also!


Responsible webmasters in this industry really take protecting children to heart and comply with the laws. But it seems to me that the current state of affairs in the executive and legislative branches of government (all government federal and local) is to drive the websites off the internet! The new regulations concerning 2257, the federal regulations that deal with age verification of performers in the adult industry, are surely designed to do that. There is not room here to go over the whole law, but as it concerns me personally, if I was not protected by an injunction through the Free Speech Coalition, I would have to maintain records of every model I display on my site! All of the models on my site come from other sources that certify they maintain the proper records in accordance with 2257, known as 2257 compliant sites. Some of the sites are not run in the U. S. so are not bound by the record keeping rules and do not have to provide me with the records! Many sites are being driven offshore because of the blatant attempts to destroy the industry.


The law’s stated purpose is to prevent underage performers, but how does requiring a “secondary producer” meaning one who does not actually photograph or video the performers, prevent child pornography? What it does is place an undo burden on secondary producers to maintain and cross index records of models, an impossible task! It also invades the privacy of the models, as the primary producer is required to give the secondary producer copies of their records which include the models real name and address. Also, the keeper of the records has to list their name and address right on the site in a compliance statement, so if you work from home, your information is on the net for anyone to see!


Some of you may be saying, so what? I am just an admirer of porn; I don’t have to worry about the regulations imposed on people who produce it! Well, what if some people in power decided they didn't like your business? Or decided they didn'’t like your beliefs, or the way you talked, etc. We’re all in this together. We need to protect our rights before they slowly erode away and the next thing you know is wake up and have none.


Enough ranting about this, here are some links to articles that explain and analyze the law better than I can:


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