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This is the place place for all things transsexual! If I don't have what you need, let me know and I will get it! One stop shop for everything about T-Girls and people who love them. From cosmetics to adult pay sites, this is the only site you need!

I have put the new adult side up, but it is still a work in progress! It focuses on my review of the top Shemale and Ladyboy sites, plus some crossdresser sites of top quality. Check it out!

15 June 2009


Ok, Look for the new adult side to be ready by the end of july, hopefully before then!

6 June 2009

Standby for some changes soon! I won't say when (more than a month from now, I think) since I am really busy and then you guys would think I was blowing you off, but I plan on remaking the adult side to basically a review site for Shemale Porn Sites. I will be taking down the gallery style pics and stuff and replacing with a review and banners only. Don't worry, you will still have access to my galleries from the gallery pages, put the main adult page will not have so many pics and vids. I will be bringing only quality sites to you guys in these tough economic times, I don't want you wasting your hard earned cash!

30 March 2009

Hello everyone, once again I have been really busy and I have just been trying keep my head above water like all of you! Still writing those new articles and hopefully will done soon (Yeah, right) - I know you guys don't believe me!

6 September 2008

Still very busy :( I have not been able to respond to email since the spam is just overwhelming! Over 1000 emails a day! I just want to say I appreciate the people who visit this site and I hope to get some new articles up soon. I am thing of taking down the adult side and just concentrate on the TS aspect of the site. I will let you guys know what is happening soon!

6 July 2008

Sorry for neglecting this site for so long! I have been hugely busy and there are a lot of things going on in my life right now. I will be updating some travel tips for Las Vegas, Philippines and Thailand soon. I did update the adult side with a new site, so check that out. Email has been terrible! I am getting so much spam, hundreds a day. So if I haven't replied to your email it is because of my spam filter and I may have deleted your email in the hundreds of spams that get thru the filter. Sorry about that!

27 April 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I will be traveling this week to visit family and friends and I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday season! I have put up a few holiday galleries on the adult side for your enjoyment!

22 December 2007

I ran some diagnostics on the site and boy did I find a lot of problems :( I fixed them all, especially the broken gallery links and the broken mail links in the articles. If you guys see stuff like that, please let me know. The site grows and changes and sometimes things get left behind. ALso, I am not the best HTML coder in the world and some times things get messed up :)

21 November 2007

Well, shame on me for not updating regularly. There is a lot happening in my life right now, some good some bad and I have been distracted. So, I will be updating this site as I can. I will redesigning some it and getting rid of some old stuff an adding some new, so keep checking back. The adult side was updated recently with some hot new sites, so go check it out.

17 November 2007

Ok, I haven't been here for a while, so Sorry again :) Well, I did update the adult side with a few new sites, and I have also been lax in responding to email, but I will doing that today! I am also working on a new article about the new regulations on adult sites. I will finish it up as soon as things firm up some more. Ok, Take Care!

23 September 2007  

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been updating lately! It has been a busy summer and I was slowing down for a little vacation. Not much this update, just updated some galleries and added a hot new site on the adult side. Stay tuned, I have some more pics of me coming! Oh, by the way, I appreciate the emails, keep them coming!

21 August 2007 

Hello everyone! I did some updating today! I put up an article about the Nana Plaza Entertainment Complex in Bangkok, Thailand and I added new galleries to my hand made galleries pages on the Adult side. Not much else happening, I am very busy on all of my projects and working on new ones! I am thinking of doing a membership site where you can get Adult content like photos and videos of me specially produced for the site, maybe a webchat capability so I can talk directly to my members (and do more than talking!) and some other things. What do you guys think? I will call it T-Girl Mona and try to put it together before the end of the year. Email me with your comments and suggestions!

8 July 2007

Hey everyone! I'm back! Well, I said I had a surprise for you guys so here it is! A lot of people have asked for some pics of me, so I had some taken. Check them out at Mona's Galleries. Well, I have been getting a lot of email asking about products and clothes. Just look at the menu to the left under T-Girl Products. There is some good stuff there and I will look around for more soon! I will get some more pics and articles up soon. I also updated the adult area. Keep the emails coming and let me know how to make this site better for you!

1 July 2007 

Ok, I'm back from my travels (for now, I am off again soon!). I have finished part 2 of my Life WIth A Ladyboy article. I also updated the adult side some. I am working on other projects with my other sites and I have a nice surprise for you guys later this summer! Well, I will be off traveling again soon, so I don't expect to be able to update my sites for a week or two. I am going where there are no computers so I can finally take a break! See you guys soon and keep the emails coming!

12 June 2007 

Hi everyone! long time since I updated, but here it is. I have posted the first article in a series on long term relationships with a transgender. Check it out here. The adult side is being revamped and updated almost daily so check that out also. Not much more but stay tuned as I have some exciting things coming your way soon!

12 May 2007

Hello again, just wanted to let everyone know that I had to change servers because my sites are getting popular and starting to use some serious disk space and bandwidth! There were a few glitches but I think it went smooth. I am still with Host Head , but moved to a dedicated server. If you need hosting, they are the best in the business. I have asked them many times to help me with scripts and things and they are right there. They go above and beyond what is necessary and plus they gave me great rates on the hosting! Thanks Brad!

15 April 2007 

Hello everyone! Sorry I have been neglecting you all! I was traveling to New Orleans, Virginia and San Francisco to visit with friends and I didn't have much time to work on my sites. Stay tuned as I will be doing a lot of updating and rearranging here because April is the one year anniversary of TSMona.com! I am already offering some free adult movie downloads on the adult side of the site. Plus I am writing a few new articles and I am going to update Mona's View. So check back soon!

3 April 2007 

Hello everyone! Not much to report today for TSMona, I have been real busy with the other Mona Net sites! I updated Mona's Asian Shemales with some content I like from Asian TS and made some blog updates. I am writing some new articles (trying to anyway!) and working on a redesign of the adult area. I would like some input from my faithful readers so email with what you would like to see. I have been getting a lot of email lately and I think I answered all of them, if not resend it and I will get back with you as soon as possible. I hope everyone is having a nice weekend and I will be updating here soon so check back often!

19 February 2007 


I did some minor updating today in all areas of the site and posted a new article, well an email really from a site visitor. It is sad and touching story you can read it here. There is some hot new content in the adult section as well as Adult Webmaster info.

28 january 2007


Sorry I took so long to update the site! As you will see, I have been very busy setting up a few new sites and updating this one. I am trying to reorganize a bit. I moved some adult ladyboy content over to Mona's Asian Shemales. I will eventually move a lot of adult content off TSMona to my other network sites. I want to keep only the highest quality content on TSMona and also move toward a more informational web site in all areas of the transgendered world. Don't worry, all of the content will be just a click or two away! I have also put up a portal site so you can easily access any of the network sites from one page! Go to Mona Net Shemales and bookmark it! I have also included a new article on meeting and dating Asian ladyboys and a section on gay marriage in Mona's View.

21 January 2007 

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great Christmas, Hanukah, Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate this time of year. I am looking forward to the New Year as I will be traveling and starting a few new projects. I will be looking for some new and useful content for this site on the non adult side plus starting up two new adult sites, Mona's T-Girls and Mona's Asian Shemales .

I will be taking some new pics of myself on my travels and hopefully i will be able to post them here if they do not end up all over the net again! I will also be working on an adult picture and video set. So stay tuned and hope everyone has great new year!


29 December 2006

The site was down for almost a day!! My hosting service MIDPHASE (ex hosting now) suspended the site because it was too popular! They said there were too many people on line at a time and had to suspend it. That was pretty much contrary to all the hype they were giving me when trying to get me to host on their servers.

So we are back with a great new hosting company who got me back online fast! The owner personally stayed up half the night with me to get me back on track, now that was great service! Thanks to HOSTHEAD and the great support I received!

If you are looking for a host for your web site I highly recommend Hosthead!

10 December 2006

Some minor updates on the regular side and some new stuff on the adult side. I have been getting tons of email and I think I have responded to all! Keep them coming, I love hearing from all of you. I took down the link to Trisha in Philippines due to some issues with her sites. I also took down the link to my gallery! Some rude people have been posting them around! If you have posted my pics elsewhere, please remove them! I will try the galleries again after I am satisfied that all of my pics have been taken down.

26 November 2006

Did a few minor updates and also put up a picture gallery of me (regular type, not adult type, those are coming soon!) Please do not post those pics anywhere else. If I find them all over the net, I will not post any more!

08 November 2006

Finished an update today on the adult side. I also set up a link to my friend Trisha in the Philippines. Sorry it took so long! What with the earthquake knocking out power for 16 hours, a hectic travel and work schedule, I thought I would never get it up. I had promised a lot of people some different things, so it had to get done!

25 October 2006

Updated the adult side today with some new stuff and a new video on demand service, it is very cool! Check it out. I also linked up a non adult forum on TG Life run by a friend of mine in canada. It has lots of info on T-Girl stuff!

09 October 2006

Updated the site a little today, but nothing hugely new. I am starting an erotic stories page. I have had many requests for one so I will put one up. If you would like to submit, send me your story and if it I like it, I will put it up here and credit it to you! If you have a web site, i will link back to you! It is a great way for you to get traffic to your site!

September 24, 2006

Hey everyone! Thanks for all the emails, I think I got everyone a reply! I did an update today, minor fixes, added a page for my friend Alyssa, and some more hot adult stuff! I am still taking care of some other business, but don't want you to think I forgot about you!

September 17, 2006

I am going to very busy for the next few weeks. I will be updating the pages, but not almost everyday like now. I am proud to say that I have answered every email sent in and I will continue to do that, however it might take a day or two to get back to you. Keep them coming, I love hearing from all of you!

September 3, 2006

I have added a new section on some of my views on free speech and other issues, see Mona's View. There is a new article on hormones, and a quick article on how I became a woman.

I have also added some links to products and services namely gambling, pharmacies, clothing and cosmetics sites. Adult area is also updated. Go check them out and let know how you like it!

The site is doing incredible since I introduced the redesign .... thanks to everyone who commented and thanks to all who have visited. Keep coming back and as always, comments and suggestions are welcome!

Why search all over the net for questionable TS content?

This is your one stop site for everything transsexual! I spend my time searching the net for top quality transgender content so you don't have to! So look through my site and enjoy the targeted, reviewed and authentic sites dealing with everything shemale, by a real, 100% pre op transsexual!

They call us transsexual, transgendered, shemale, mahu, lady boy, katoey, bakla, bading and some derogatory names like chicks with dicks, but we are real people, not just a sexual fetish.


I want this to be a one stop resource. I have spent many years searching for information on all things transgendered and I am depositing it here, along with reviews of products, services and, yes, adult theme web sites, as those sites are very popular, but you have to be careful where you spend your money. I enjoy access to many adult sites that adult webmasters ask me to review and I only recommend top sites that are worth your money.

Contact me via email if you have questions or suggestions.



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