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This is the story of how I transitioned (no pun intended) from shemale internet porn star to owning my own website and a small business. I hope it inspires other Transgender people to strike out on their own and not feel locked into one way of life or one means to make a living.


I have been living full time as a woman for years now, since I was 17. I worked in various clothing stores for small money for a while, but found out minimum wage did not pay the bills, much less pay for things like breast implants, hormone therapy and the myriad other hugely expensive things that it takes to transition from a man to a woman. I was in the same boat as many transitioning girls and needed to find a way to make more money with little education fast. Waiting for years to move up in the clothing store business would not do. I needed to embark on my journey to womanhood and I needed to do it quickly or I would go insane!


When I dressed as a woman I could usually pass as a woman, even before I had my breasts and started hormone therapy. I ran into a couple of guys who had a cam site, back when shemale cam sites were rare. They offered me a job and I took it. I was paid about $20 an hour to sit in a room with several other girls jerking off on the internet. It was ok for a start but I soon realized that the guys were raking in the cash and I wasn’t. At about that time I also did a porn movie with my old boyfriend for about $400 a scene and also did some photo shoots for a couple of sites for $200 a set. It was hard work and I got nothing out of it except the cash up front. Some of those sets are still on the web today and the movie is also, making money for the owners of the rights to the pictures and movies. It started me thinking, why should these guys make the money off my hard work? I don’t hold it against them; they put in the effort on the sites and worked hard to supply their customers with good content. Plus I am sure it is a pain working with bitchy shemales all the time! It was just I was thinking “why didn’t I think of that”?


I went from the shemale cam site to working on commission for an agent who ran some girls on a site called Ifriends. It has all sorts of cams for everything imaginable, including TS/TV cams. I got 30% of however much I made and the agent supplied the room and computers. It is a little distracting trying to entertain a customer with 6 other girls in the room! I wasn’t enjoying it too much but the money was better. While I wasn’t busy, I surfed around Ifriends and figured out I could do it on my own, set my own prices as the market dictated, work my own hours and keep all the cash, so I started to work on Ifriends from my home.


So here I am happily jerking off on Ifriends thinking that this is best job in the world when business starts to slow down. It seems that a lot of unscrupulous people, mostly in Eastern Europe, figured out that shemales are in high demand and started boiler room operations with real girls who would pretend to be shemales, basically ripping off the customers. Also, I am not getting any younger and needed something different.


A friend of mine suggested that I build my own site and offer not just porn, but stuff that transsexuals need and want. I thought that was a great idea so I started up TSMona and hit the web. I am focusing on the adult reviews because that is what brings in the traffic and I also put up a review of Ifriends T-Girls, guaranteeing anyone who surfs to Ifriends from my site that the girls are 100% real transsexuals. If I don’t know them personally, I check them out extensively to make sure they are real so my visitors don’t get ripped off. I also review some pay sites, who better than a tranny to give an honest review!


I am in the process now of a total redesign, by a professional web developer, to enhance the look and usability of the site, realizing belatedly that I am no designer! I am also getting ready to put up some products of interest to T-Girls and offer a ton more of information. It is coming along and the redesign should be up in by 16 August 2006. Hopefully I will get an increase in traffic once this is done, but I am not doing too bad already with my ratty old site. I am working toward working the site full time and branching out into other sites and shemale orientated businesses. I am really new at this and I am sure I am making lots of mistakes, so if you experienced web people see something, don’t hesitate to let me know! If anyone has ideas or business proposals (I don’t do movies or photo shoots anymore) get in touch with me here.


What I would like people to take away from this article is that you can get away from the old if you are motivated and not afraid of a few set backs. There are not that many sites out there run by actual shemales and I think there is room for a site that has a little porn, a little info and a few products to offer to succeed.


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