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It takes a special type of man to handle a TS girlfriend. Some men (most really) don't want a relationship with a transgendered woman, but still fantasize about sex with a beautiful shemale. The answer here may be a visit to a shemale escort. This option is certainly viable if you use some common sense and take a few precautions.

The first thing to realize is that in many places, buying sex with anyone is illegal. I am not advocating prostitution here, but it exists and people are going to be tempted. So be careful and think of the consequences if you are picked up by the police. Is a streetwalker really the best choice for your fantasy encounter with a shemale? First it will be just sex, and quick sex at that. No romance involved here. Secondly, it will probably occur in a car or seedy motel room. Thirdly, you don't know what you are getting into. Some of these girls are on drugs and many have some sort of disease. I recommend staying away from streetwalkers.

That being said, the best way to go is with an escort. The encounter is classier and there is a bit of romance involved. Escorts will usually come to your hotel or home where the encounter is comfortable, controllable and safer. Many escorts also provide for incalls, where you go to her location. You can find escorts easily in almost any city by searching online at places like www.eros.com and many other sites. Be sure to look around and do your research. Do a Google search for transsexual or shemale escorts and you will find tons of sites.

The thing to remember is that this is business. She will try to make your time with her enjoyable, but her time costs money so don’t ask her for more time than allotted unless you are willing to pay for it. Enjoy you time with her and don’t spoil it by asking for freebies! You are choosing to go this route so remember; she is not your girlfriend! Treat her with dignity and respect and you will enjoy an exciting and memorable experience.

Remember to be respectful of her wishes. Many escorts will not kiss on the mouth and all should require condoms. If she doesn’t insist on a condom, YOU should. Don’t let one fantasy encounter cost you the rest of your life. The escort will be practiced at coaxing first timers in bed, so just follow her lead and you will have an enjoyable and memorable experience. Who knows, maybe after you experience the pleasure and excitement of sex with a shemale you will never go back to “real” girls again!

In another article I will explore the shemale scene in Asia, where the uninhibited transsexual scene is perfect for a man to indulge his shemale fantasy with anonymity.



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