Sex with a pre-op TS

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You have been dating a TS for a while and now comes the moment of truth. You are going to bed. What is it like? what does she like? Will I like it? What do I do?

The first thing to do is relax. If you have feelings for her and she for you, it will work out in bed. Everyone of my boyfriends were all very nervous the first time we had sex. That is natural since most men who are into shemales consider themselves straight. First, let me get into some details about TS's and sexual relations.

Sex and Hormones

Most shemales are taking hormones. This has a huge effect on their sexual desires and performance. Some TS can not get hard and are not functional in that area. Some can not get hard while on hormones but can still function (ie: cum). Remember, a TS who has just had a hormone injection is experiencing many different things. Mostly they are experiencing the same feelings and symptom of a woman at the height of her period. Many TS will not even be in the mood for sex until a few days after the injection. Some TS take hormone pills regularly. These pills are not as strong as the injection, but are taken daily. If a shemale is taking her pills regularly, the effects on the sexual performance are not as dramatic as after having an injection. She may be able to get hard and ejaculate or she may not. Regardless, most TS in hormone therapy like sex and are able to enjoy it in some way.

What do TS like sexually?

Some shemales are totally feminine and do not like their cocks sucked. They prefer being taken anally and act much as real women do in bed. These TS are called "bottoms". Some like having their cocks sucked and some like taking their partner anally. These TS are called "tops". Some are in between and like giving and receiving oral, but do not like anal sex or taking their partner anally. Some enjoy ass licking and most all enjoy having their breasts sucked on. (be careful, though hormones make the nipples tender).As you can see, there is a myriad of sexual preferences with TS and it mostly depends on the individual TS. I talked to my shemale friends and got many different responses. The bottom line is that she will most likely guide you, but will be shy about asking you to do anything "kinky". Ask her what she likes and if you are willing, go for it.

The Shemale in Bed

What TS's want in a sexual relationship is the same as a real girl. She wants to be held, kissed, cuddled and hugged. Just like a genetic female, transgendered women are "feelings" orientated and she will enjoy sex with a partner that truly cares for her and makes love to her rather than just fucking her. So treat her like you would any female and enjoy each other. I like to wake up next to someone with their arms around me and who truly cares for me.

A straight guys experience

I asked one of my old lovers about his experience with me the first time and this is what he said:

"I was real nervous the first time we were together. I wanted you, but had a lot of mixed feelings. We had kissed before and held hands and stuff, but going to bed for the first time was strange. I had never been with someone with a cock. I didn't know how I would react, if I would be repulsed or if I would like it. You have a woman's body and I was really attracted to you, but I knew you had a cock. I had never seen you naked before and I was scared and excited at the same time.

Well, we got into bed and started to hug and kiss each other, then we started to take off our clothes, I remember I had on sleep pants and you were wearing a powder blue teddy. I started up top caressing you and then moved down. I hesitated before sliding my hand into your panties. I was a little weird caressing a cock at first, but then we just got into it and it was probably the best sex I ever had. I know I was not the best for you that night, but I got used to the cock thing and it never bothered me after that. Making love to you just seemed natural after that even all the other things we started to try didn't seem weird after a while."

As you can see, if the man really cares, sex can be a fun and rewarding experience once you get by the initial jitters. (I will keep you in the dark about "the other things" I get hot just thinking about it!). The bottom line here (no pun intended) is that once a relationship develops, the sex follows naturally. So don't worry about it, just let things develop in their own time and see what happens!


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