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Here is an email sent to me by a visitor to the site. I get many emails a day, but this one touched me so I want to share it with you. I have only edited it a little to make it more readable.


Dear Mona: 
          First of all, thank you for the insight to help guys out in world looking to date a t-girl. This information is very, very informative.
Next I want to say met a wonderful lady seven years ago. The weird thing when we met it was in a snow storm in Frostburg, WV. She driving a little Honda DX until some guy shot pass me and cut her the road and next thing I knew she hit a tree. Well I pulled to the side of the road to help her and called 911. Police and paramedics came and she was taken to hospital but her car was totaled. I stopped by to check on her the next day but she was already gone home.


Then again it happen this time I was coming out of a store in downtown DC and this time a punk snatched a woman’s purse and I chased him about three blocks and finally caught him with her purse and all her contents still in it. But the punk sliced my back with a razor but I didn't realize it until I returned her purse and recognized her as the same woman I just met a couple of months ago. Come to find out she had been looking for me and wanted to thank me. Well to make long story short she said, she wanted to take me to dinner but first she took me to the hospital and we would go from there. I got out of the emergency room and we exchanged numbers and I promised I would call Wednesday to set up where and when would she like to go to dinner.


Well, we met at the restaurant and we talk about everything. And we finally got around to sexuality and transformations. To which she still hadn't told me anything yet. Well, I took her back to her apartment and kiss her goodnight and told her I must see her again. But she told me she had a new job to which she had already taken and was to leave for NY on Sunday to be ready to start Tuesday. Well we stayed in contact for a while but soon lost touch. Well one year and two days later we bump into each other again this time on the subway. I’m going to the airport to catch a plane to Boston at Reagan Nat’l airport and she came to DC for a fur coat sale.


Well, we hug and kiss and kiss and kiss to the point until I told her I wanted her to go with me and i would buy the fur coat for her in Boston.  And she said I was crazy but she said first she had to tell me something. She said first of all do you remember the night we went out to we talk about transsexuality.  I said yes what about it. Well she said I’m a transsexual or a chick with dick. And I told her, alright so what it is a transsexual. She told me, she has both male and female parts. I didn't believe her and laugh. I said to her, you playing right. She said, do you not believe me. I said no again. If you have male parts or a cock prove it to me. So she took my hand place it between her legs and I felt an extra meat.  She said, the reason she didn't want to tell the night we went out because she thought I might hurt or do bodily harm to her. I ask her did have a nice time when we went out to dinner and she said it was the best.  Well what's the problem? And she asks was I upset and she would understand if i didn't to see or hear from her again. And I ask was she still going with me to Boston, if I wanted her too. And I ask her if she still wanted the fur coat. Well the first night we made love was a little different for me to say the least!  I had never been with a transsexual but it was the most wonderful experience in my entire life


Six months later we were married and lived a happy life together. Up until two years when she was taken from me by a hit and run driver who they were never caught. On February 15 2007 will be her birthday and she would have been thirty-five years old.


Well Mona I miss her so much at times when i think about her i just curl-up and cry for hours, sometime days. I'm getting help at the center where I’m a volunteer but it still hurts like the hell. I wish no one will have to go through this. I date and but i can't help but miss my princess, Diamond Chatman which is her name.


Ps. so men if you lucky to find a t-girl love her like you would love yourself and respect her as the lady of your life. But remember only to live a good life with your t-girl and treat as woman, as if she was the real thing. But she really is just with little something extra. Thanks, Mona.


He didn't leave his name, but he said I could post his story here and his email address. Feel free to drop him a line.



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