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Girl Juice! Hormones - This is a subject that gets debated by the TG community continuously.

What is needed is the straight facts about what they do, what they don't do and how to apply the therapy.


What hormones do is increase the level of estrogen in your body and lower the amount of testosterone. This is what has the feminizing effect. The amount of feminization is genetic. Look at your mom and sisters. You will never get more feminine than them. Hormones also do not affect bone structure, so your hands, face bones and feet will not change. Your face will get softer and you will get curvacious and your breasts will grow.


Hormone therapy induces basically a second puberty. It takes about as long as the first one! Hormones do not work right away, they work over time. Hormones induce side effects similar to that of a woman at the height of her period. The estrogen levels are the same. You will feel irritable at times, lose your sex drive once in a while and generally feel bitchy, especially if you get shots. The effects of the shot are more dramatic. If you are on pills, the dose is lower and the effects are not as pronounced. You get used to the changes as time goes on and it becomes routine and normal to you.


There are studies that say there is no correlation between hormone therapy and sex drive. Well, from personal observation, if I get a hormone shot, I will not feel like having sex for several days and it doesn't get hard for a day or two either! Trust me, you feel like crap for a little while after taking hormones, but it does go away after a day or two. You want to be a woman, women have periods so here is your solidarity with genetic females, you get to be bitchy and feel like crap at least once a month!


You have to take hormones as the doctor prescribed them! I know girls who take 6 or 7 pills at a time to speed up the effects. Hormones do not work that way. They need to be taken over time and build up in the body. What happens when you overdose, is you feel like crap, are unable to function for two days and there is no accelerated effect. The extra hormone just get flushed out of the body! Waste of time and money. Hormones are not instant girl medicine, as I have said they take time!


I use premarin as it is the best for producing the effects for me, but there are other kinds. Premarin has more pronounced side effects initially, so you have to get used to it. I like the shots because you don't have to worry about a pill regimen. Where I live shots are easy to get but in some places they are not available. I have a prescription so I can obtain hormones legally. I also take the pills sometimes especially when I travel. I have purposely not listed here dosages and pill regimens. What works for me may not work for you! Some T-Girls should not take them at all if they health problems. Talk to your doctor!


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