Bangkok's Nana Plaza Ladyboy Bars

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This article is sort of related to my article on Dating Asian Ladyboys. A friend of mine was visiting Bangkok, Thailand recently and he gave me this report. As I say in the Asian Ladyboy article, traveling to Asia to find and meet ladyboys is not a bad thing, specially for men who are nervous or afraid to hook up with a T-Girl near where they live. In that article, I give you some tips on how to act and what to expect from the T-Girls in the bars in Asia.


Anyway, this article well tell you a little about the bars in Nana Plaza. Nana Plaza is an entertainment complex in the Sukhumvit area, off Sukhumvit Road, Soi 4 (Soi is the thai word for street). Sukhumvit is the main downtown business area. There are other areas with Ladyboy bars which I will address in a later article (I think my friend just wants an excuse to go back there, so he is piecemealing me :) but I digress) There is a decent hotel across the street called, appropriately, the Nana Hotel. It is relatively inexpensive and most of the guests are staying there because it is convenient to Nana Plaza. There are a great many other hotels in the area and a plethora of bars, restaurants and convenience stores so you have just about everything with in a short walk. Nana Plaza is also close to the sky train. The sky train is Bangkok's elevated rail system and is very convenient, especially with the traffic in Bangkok! The station name is Nana Station.


The Nana Plaza complex is three stories of nothing but bars and clubs, and there currently are four bars dedicated to Ladyboys. All the girls in there are Ladyboys, most of them pre op (pre op means they still have a cock) Here is a link to some photos of Nana Plaza. Here is a nice map of the complex, with the ladyboy bars highlighted. Nana Plaza is a lively place and has hundreds of visitors daily looking for booze and sex. I am not going to get into prices because they will change with the fluctuation of the dollar but barfines are between 10 and 20 dollars US and short times are between 30 and 45 dollars US with all night usually running between 30 and 80 dollars US. The prices are normally negotiable (except the bar fine which is established by the bar). Refer back to my Dating Asian Ladyboys article on the protocol for negotiating prices with the girls. Ok, I'll get to the meat of the article, the bar reviews!



Cascades is a go go type of bar on the top floor of Nana Plaza (see map). It is the biggest Ladyboy bar in the plaza, or at least appears to be. It is clean and set up nicely with a theater type of layout where the patrons sit at tables arranged in a stepped fashion, with each semi circular row higher than the next so everyone can see the girls as they dance on stage. It has a a nice cave motif and is very comfortable. One great feature of this bar is that the girls don't mob you when you walk in the door. They are not allowed to approach you unless you call them over. This makes for a nice relaxing atmosphere where you can look over the girls and then pick one who suits your fancy. The service is excellent and the girls are friendly and not too pushy for drinks. There are many Ladyboys here who you will have seen on some of the top Ladyboy sites. I won't name them here since the girls tend to move around the bars as the mood strikes them!



Casanova is also a go go type bar, but very lackluster as the dancing is almost an after thought. It is located on the middle floor all the way in the back (see map). The girls here are very aggressive when you walk in. Every girl in the place not already with a customer will surround you when you walk in the door. The thing to do is sit at the small bar for a while and scope out the scene. The layout is nice with booths along the side wall, a small bar and the stage on the other. In the back there is a dart board for your gaming pleasure. The service is good with some very nice girls here and a few you will recognize from the top Ladyboy sites.



Temptations is also on the middle floor, around the corner from Casanova (see map). This is also a go go bar with tables and comfortable bench seats running along the walls with a rectangular stage in the middle. It seems to be the smallest of the Ladyboy bars, but there are plenty of girls that work there. The girls are less pushy than in Casanova, but will come and sit with you when you sit down. The bar is pleasant enough, the service is excellent and you can relax and drink your drink without too much hassle from the girls. A surprising number of beautiful T-Girls here and plenty that have modeled for the top Ladyboy sites.



Obsession is on the ground floor of Nana Plaza (see map). It is the premiere Ladyboy bar in the Plaza. It is the oldest and has tons of top notch Ladyboys. It is also a go go type bar, with stepped seating along the back wall and both sides. A small stage is located in the center. It seems crowded with the tons of fabulous looking Ladyboys that work here. The girls aren't too pushy, they just slide up next to you in the booth and ask for a drink, but don't keep asking if you say no. You can relax in this very nicely appointed bar and the eye candy is excellent. Many of the girls will come up to you and just give you their portfolio of all the Ladyboy sites they have modeled for, and there are some real stunners in this bar!


Ok, that is the review of the Nana Plaza Ladyboy bars. Next time I hope to bring you reviews of the bars in the Patpong district of Bangkok and a review of the places in Pattaya Beach, Thailand


A really good guidebook for Asian Ladyboys can be found at Ladyboy-Ladyboy in the members area. (Ladyboy-Ladyboy is an Adult Website!) I recommend checking it out before you go. It has some good details concerning health and travel tips, plus a list of useful phrases and words in most of the Asian languages.



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