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How I Became a Shemale!

Younger Years

I always knew I should have been a girl. Before I really knew there was a difference between boys and girls I knew I was a girl. That sounds like a cliche, almost every TS says the same thing, but cliches are cliches for a reason. True transsexuals feel that way and have always acted, identified with and felt female since they were born. That is where all the confusion and pain of being transgendered comes from.


I grew up in a little village in the Philippines. I never played with little boys or little boy toys or games when I was young. I started wearing my Mom's clothes when I was five or six (I don't have any sisters). My parents started to get concerned about this time and my brothers were brutal. They started calling me the little bakla (fag) and teased me mercilessly. The other boys joined in too. I couldn't understand what was going on. I didn't realize that I was different, I thought you just were who you were. I didn't know what the words gay and homosexual and faggot meant. It wasn't until high school that I really figured out that I was different.


There were a lot of boys like me in high school, more than you would think. We didn't really hang out together since I hung around with girls most of the time. I didn't dress regularly, only at home in privacy. I spent what little money I had on girl stuff. In the Philippines, transgenderism is sort of accepted, more so than in western societies. In some parts of the Philippines, It is common for a family with no girls to raise one of their sons as a girl. That is out farther in the country than where I was raised, and there are other Asian countries that do this as well.


Like I said, high school was when I really started to come out. In ROTC, half the student officers were gay! I thought I was gay also. I tried to adjust to the fact that I was gay, but it didn't seem right. The more I learned about gay people. the less I understood. I didn't feel gay! I felt like a girl!


I had my first sexual experience when I was a senior in high school. A friend of my brother used to stay with us sometimes, and one night he slipped into the room where I was sleeping and started rubbing my leg and things. He didn't touch my cock. After a few minutes, I figured out what he wanted and started to suck him. I liked it! this became a regular thing. He never sucked me, I would just masturbate while I was sucking him. I actually never had my cock sucked until years later. This ended after about a year when my brother became suspicious and stopped inviting him over. After high school, my family and I moved to the US and I started college.


Late Teens, Early Twenties

After moving to the states, I went to a local business college. I met some people there that were transgendered. After spending time with them, I realized that I was also Transgendered and embarked on my Transformation. My best friend, who was older and had already been living full time as a girl took me in. During this time, there was a lot of conflict with my family. They felt that since we were in America now, that acting as a girl was inappropriate, to say the least. I moved in with my friend and had little contact with my family for several years.


I moved in with my friend and began living full time as a woman. I started taking hormones and boy, did I change fast! My features feminized rapidly and even other T-girls were amazed! I took that as a sign I was supposed to be a woman all along. I remember I was coming out of store about six months after I started my transformation and ran into a guy I knew form college. I called his name and started to chat with him. He got a confused look on his face and finally said "do I know you?" I said of course and told him my boy name. he was astonished! He said he would never be able to tell I wasn't a natural woman. This is also the time period where I realized how comfortable it felt living as a woman. i had finally found my self and a lot of the confusion and pain went away.


I eventually got my breasts done and people who didn't know couldn't tell (well, most people). I did reconcile with my family eventually. I just showed up one day and said "hi Mommy, I am a girl now" and went from there. To find out the rest, read my article on how I became a webmistress here.


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