Meeting and Dating Ladyboys in Asia

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This is a topic covered frequently on many ladyboy porn sites, most of the information is accurate to a point, and many ladyboy sites use contact information of the models and “where to find ladyboys” pages as a selling point for their sites.  That is all well and good and as I said, mostly the information is valid. I want to bring a little different perspective to the topic, being a ladyboy myself.  I don’t live in Asia anymore and I never worked in the bars, but I know a lot of girls who did and still do.


The first thing I want to point out is that traveling to Asia to find and meet ladyboys is not a bad thing.  For men who are nervous or afraid to hook up with a T-Girl near where they live, this is the best option if you are seeking a shemale, especially if you are curious and looking for your first time. If you go to the fleshpots of Asia, it is probably unlikely you will run into your pastor from church or someone similar.  If you do, they are probably looking for the same thing you are!  The flight is probably the most expensive thing about a trip to the Asian shemale hot spots, everything else is relatively inexpensive by western standards.


The primary thing to remember is to treat the girls fairly and with respect. They are humans and not just sex toys. You can meet many non pro trans in most Asian cities and to hook up with them, you just need to approach her like you would a girl anywhere. The pros are a different story and here I will give you some tips. Most ladyboys in bars are pros.  They have sex with men for money. Asian pros are a little different than western style massage parlor or streetwalkers. They tend to act more like your girlfriend.  Don’t be lulled into the feeling that you don’t have to pay! This is how these girls make their living! But the experience can be nice if you play by a few simple rules.


The first rule is don’t just walk into a bar and grab the first hot ladyboy you see!  Sit down, take a look around and relax! Don’t worry about the other patrons; they are looking for the same thing you are. Have a drink and look around.  You will probably think you are a movie star from all the attention you will receive from the girls.  They are hustling for drinks. The drinks are not expensive and offer you a chance to talk to several girls and find one you like.  Find a couple that strike your fancy and invite them to sit with you.  Be sure to buy them drinks, since most are not allowed to sit very long unless the customer is buying drinks.  The girls usually get a cut of the price of the drink, so they are making a little money while talking to you; that helps them relax and not worry too much about making ends meet.


When you find the girl you like, you will probably have to pay what is called a “bar fine”. Bar fines are payments to the bar for taking the girl out.  You are paying the bar for the loss of her services for either a “short time” usually an hour or so or a “long time” which is overnight.  Many places have rooms in the back where you can go or you can take them out to a hotel.  You would usually take the ladyboy to a hotel if you are taking the girl all night. Paying a bar fine doesn’t mean that you have compensated the girl.  In some places, like the Philippines, a girl gets a percentage of the bar fine, in others the girl doesn’t get anything.  Even if the girl gets a percentage, you will need to “tip” her. Make sure you get all the financial details worked out before you leave.  I know it may kill the romance, but it will save you a lot of headache later. If you have problems with the girl, don’t hesitate to talk to the “Mama-San”.  She is in charge of all the girls and will mediate all disputes.  My recommendation here is, don’t argue over a few bucks. You don’t want to get a reputation for being cheap.


Short time or long time? That depends on you and the girl.  My suggestion is to take a girl out for a short time once or twice and see how you get along. If you really like her, then go and get her for a few days.  She will show you around, negotiate for food, taxis, souvenirs, whatever.  They know the prices and can get you close to local prices.  Put another way, if you like her and she likes you, then she can be your “girlfriend” for a while.  Keep in mind you should feed her, buy her little necessities and give her “pocket money”. Most times, she will treat you right.


Things to remember with your ladyboy girlfriend. While she may genuinely like you, she is doing this to make money.  T-Girls all over tend to have some emotional problems due to the fact that they are transsexual.  It leads to insecurity and sometimes “drama”.  If you are with a girl, don’t go chatting up others when with her or flirt with the other girls in the bar where she works! As you know, Asians are big into “face” and you don’t want her to lose hers.  Be up front with her if you are going to “butterfly” (going with a different girl).  Let her know that you are there to experiment with different girls.  Remember, if this is what you want to do, don’t expect her to drop everything and run off with you on a whim.  She may have other clients.  What is good for you is good for her.


One other thing to watch out for is drugs.  Many of the ladyboys use drugs.  Stay away from the girls that are stoned all the time.  They are trouble.  Remember, that drug laws in Asia are very strict.  You can get anywhere from 10 years in jail to death! Another thing to remember is to watch your wallet.  That is why I don’t recommend picking up street walkers. They are street walkers because they cannot get a job in a bar.  The bars have some control of the girls and the girls are checked for STDs frequently. Be careful if you want to have a threesome, especially with a shemale you pick up on the street. Remember that while they are beautiful, feminine T-Girls, they also were men once and have the strength of a man.  Beware of robbery. Keep your valuables in the hotel safe and don’t carry around too much money when prowling the red light districts. To be sure, the Asian red light districts are a lot safer than those in western cities, still there is some level of street crime. Don’t flash a lot of cash, don’t get too intoxicated and make yourself an easy mark.  If you have some buddies with you, that is better, but I understand why you would not!  A good suggestion is to check out the places you might go during daylight so you get familiar with the area before prowling around at night.


This is getting long, so I will write more later.  This article is a general overview of the Asian ladyboy scene. For more specific information, check out Mona’s Asian Shemales.  Many of the sites there have detailed info about the girls and places to meet them.  Many also have a forum where you can get tips and exchange travel stories.




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